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Faith, VOA

Veterinary Office Assistant
Faith has been in the Veterinary Industry for over 7 years, and joined the Valley Veterinary Services Team in 2023.
Faith is passionate about maintaining a high standard of patient care- and that shines through every day with our clients and their pets! Faith's experience in the Veterinary field includes dogs, cats, reptiles, exotics, and large animal care.  In her spare time , Faith enjoys hiking on our local trails and spending time outdoors camping


What's the Role of an RVT?

An RVT's (registered veterinary technician's) day does include belly rubs … but it’s also a lot more. RVTs are educated and trained professionals who practice animal health care alongside veterinarians. By performing diagnostic procedures, administering treatments and monitoring patients, the RVT allows the veterinarian to provide a higher level of care to all of our patients. The role of an RVT is often overlooked due to many of their tasks occurring “ behind the scenes.” RVTs are an integral part of a veterinary hospital. They are responsible for anesthesia during surgeries, taking and processing radiographs (x-rays), and preparing and administering medication and other treatments to hospitalized patients. But it doesn’t stop there! They’re also the voice on the phone giving you updates on how the procedure went, giving home care instructions and ensuring your pet has a restful recuperation time following their procedure at home. Our RVTs play a pivotal role at Valley Veterinary Services and are vital in our promise to provide quality pet care to all of our patients

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