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Navid, VT

Veterinary Technician

Navid received his Veterinary degree in Iran in 2018, and he immigrated to Canada in 2021.

Navid has been working as a Veterinary Technician in general practice and emergency animal hospitals for over 3 years. His many areas of interest in the veterinary field include internal veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry. He really cares about educating and communicating with pet owners to have the best care for their beloved pets.

Navid's goal is to become licensed in Canada with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the next 2 years and begin providing Vet services for pet families in the Chilliwack area.

Outside of the clinic, Navid is a Regional Certified Volleyball Referee for a high performance level in Canada and enjoys spending time with his wife, working as a Volleyball referee, and playing Table Tennis and Chess.


What's the Role of an RVT?

An RVT's (registered veterinary technician's) day does include belly rubs … but it’s also a lot more. RVTs are educated and trained professionals who practice animal health care alongside veterinarians. By performing diagnostic procedures, administering treatments and monitoring patients, the RVT allows the veterinarian to provide a higher level of care to all of our patients.

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