Euthanasia Services

With compassion, pet euthanasia offers a tender farewell, bringing relief from pain and discomfort.

The special bond between you and your pets is unlike no other, so it is incredibly sad to think about not having them around anymore. At Valley Veterinary Services we are here to ensure that your pet passes on peacefully when they are at the last stages of their lives. The end of life is unavoidable and the only thing pet owners can influence is their quality of life, along with when and how their pet passes. Our veterinarians are here to provide the best advice and to listen to your concerns.

What is pet euthanasia?

Euthanasia is the term used for putting down your pet or putting them to sleep. Euthanasia is usually performed when a pet’s quality of life is poor and or, when they suffer from a terminal illness. Euthanasia allows your pet to pass away without any pain.

When should you consider euthanasia for your pet?

This decision is always made by the pet owners along with the support of our veterinarians. As owners you see your pet daily and recognize the well-being of your pet. Your pet may suffer from discomfort, pain and experience some other kind of health decline. Our veterinarians can provide some pain relief but there might still be a decrease in your pet’s overall quality of life. Pets don’t only deserve to survive; they deserve to enjoy their lives. As fur parents your assessment is important. The changes in attitude that you notice are telltale signs that your pet isn’t enjoying their life. You want your fur friends to be happy, playful, affectionate, eating regularly and more. When these traits start to diminish in your pet the quality of their life is getting poor. If there is no way to remove or reduce these conditions then euthanasia may become an option.

If you notice your pet’s quality of life is deteriorating then it might be time to have this conversation with your veterinarian. Give us a call at 604-858-6560 or email us at

What happens when my pet is euthanized?

Our veterinarians have received special training in assisting your pet pass away gently. As a fur parent you can choose to be present during the final moments of your pet’s life. A sedative will be given to the pet so as to keep them calm. The euthanasia solution is then given to your pet and they don’t feel any discomfort or distress. The procedure only takes a few minutes.

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