Microchipping is crucial for pet safety, ensuring a higher chance of reunion if they ever get lost.

Having your pet microchipped is highly recommended for a multitude of reasons, such as if your dog happened to break free from their collar or if your cat slipped out the front door. If found, a permanent form of identification for your pet will help ensure they make their way back to you. We can complete a microchip service at any time. However, it is most common to do this during the spay or neutering procedure.

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What are microchips? How are microchips implanted in pets?

Microchips have the pet owner’s information and details about the pets on them. If that pet is found, then they can be brought to an animal hospital or shelter where the chip can be scanned and read.

The practice of microchipping is done by inserting a chip underneath your pet’s skin with a needle. This chip has a barcode on it that can be detected by a scanner. The chip is usually inserted between the shoulder blades.

How do I connect my information to the microchip?

After the microchip is implanted you will be given the permanent ID number and the microchip company it is associated with. You then contact the microchip company to register your pet with your information. It is important to keep your contact information updated so it will be easier to return your lost pet.

Is microchipping painful for pets?

Microchipping feels similar to getting a injection or vaccine therefore, it is relatively painless. It takes seconds to be completed.


As of August 1, 2024, all dogs entering the USA must be microchipped. Click here for more information on the new requirements.

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