Parasite Control & Prevention

Parasite control provides numerous benefits, safeguarding your pet’s health and well-being.

Your pets are sometimes exposed to ticks, fleas, tapeworms, etc. that make their lives uncomfortable. These tiny creatures are more than just nuisances. If these parasites are left untreated, they could lead to serious conditions in your pet. Here at Valley Veterinary Services, we encourage prevention, which can look like many different approaches based on your pet’s lifestyle and surroundings. It is very important for pet owners to take prevention seriously, as some parasites can be passed on from animals to humans. Our team can work with you to discuss what measures you can take to avoid parasites in your pets. Schedule an appointment with us at 604-858-6560.

What are some common parasites in pets?

  1. Fleas
  2. Ticks
  3. Ear mites
  4. Heartworm
  5. Roundworm
  6. Hookworm

What are the signs of parasites in pets?

It is especially important that as fur parents you are very vigilant of your pets. In some cases, you might not see any signs and so it’s very important to have regular check-ups for your pet companions. Some parasite infestations have signs and symptoms that you can look for in your pet. Once you spot any of these, it is important that you contact your veterinarian immediately for treatment.

  • Itching/ redness of the skin
  • Brown or black discharge in the ear
  • Weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Swollen belly
  • Diarrhea

How can I protect my pets from parasites?

It is best to work with your veterinarian to prevent infestations. At Valley Veterinary Services we can easily create a plan that takes into account your pet’s environment, age, breed and routine. We know untreated parasites can be uncomfortable and life-threatening. We want the best for your pets and your family as a whole.

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